Bio - Ann-Kristin Hillgren

Born in Sweden and  followed her husband to US 1997. Together they have two grown up daughters who still live in Sweden. Since 2007 she lives in rural Preston, Connecticut.  

In Uppsala, Sweden Ann-Kristin worked as a Physical Therapist for 28 years with specialties in Manual Medicine, Occupational Health, Ergonomic Information and Pain Rehabilitation.  

She has a Bachelor in Health and a License in Holistic Health from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  

She has studied water color painting at Kalamazoo Institute of Art and taken part in local exhibitions in that area.  

She had a longtime dream to become a Feldenkrais Method Practitioner after attending classes and workshops in Sweden in the late 80s. Finally, living in Michigan, she found the opportunity to follow the four year long training. She started the Feldenkrais Method Practitioner training 2005 in Michigan under Director Jeremy Krauss during two years and grauated in April 2009 at the Feldenkrais Institute in New York City where it was directed by David Zemach-Bersin. 

In 2012 she graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and now combines her Feldenkrais practice with massage therapy. In massage therapy she has found special interest in lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT). She is today trained in the Chikly method of LDT. She is also trained in Heart Centered Therapy by Chikly and has advanced training in medical massage, Raindrop Technique and Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

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